Sunday, September 9, 2012

Yes, I Was

Week 5 - Phase III - Core Workout: VO2 Max -
09/03/12 - 09/09/12 -
Week Total:  67.7 -

And with the Over The Narrows 10-mile race results on Sat 09/01 I went a couple of days later to apply the experience in Labor Day Half Marathon. My rational was that if I was able to sustain 8:08 min/mile pace for 10 miles on a hilly course, I could do faster than 8:32 that was my current PR (1:51:42) on a regular flat course.

And so I went on Labor Day. Guess what? I PRd by 4 minutes. FOUR MINUTES. Got my Half Marathon in 1:47:44 for an 8:13 min/mile. This race was the Regional USATF Half Marathon Championship and I got third place in the division. The winner was a woman I didn't know and when I asked her about where she's been, she told me she just entered in the division last week!. She doesn't seem to race that much. Second place was 14 seconds ahead of me.

 I ran pretty steady and though I planned on running by HR I didn't monitor it and ran by feel... It was GREAT...

Splits - HR%
1- 8:11- No reading
2- 8:07- 85%
3- 8:22- 85%
4- 8:10- 90%
5- 8:13- 89%
6- 8:13- 89%
7- 8:18- 91%
8- 8:17- 88%
9- 8:03- 91%
10- 8:18- 91%
11- 8:31- 86%
12- 8:11- 91%
13- 8:02- 91%
13.1 - 0:43 (7:10)- 91%

These numbers are great for an analytical person like me. This was a flat course, so the numbers reflect even effort. I went "cautious" for the first 3 miles like I always do. Then I unleashed. I was able to keep the same 89%-90ish% effort for the whole race but couldn't elevate it beyond that. My legs delivered though.
I skipped my 8 Yasso's scheduled on Wednesday as I was tired. I had ran 2 strong races in 3 days, and decided to rest. I kept my high mileage though as these miles are running at a leisurely pace.

On Saturday I had Fairhaven 15K. Good race and distance to execute again with the same strategy. As this distance was 1K shorter than Over The Narrows, my goal was to have at least the same pace of 8:08. I had excellent results: 1:15:28, 8:06 min/mile and first place in the division. The difference with this race and Labor Day was that I felt rested that I could increment from 90% to 95% half way of the race. Strategy was to run the first 2 miles easy, and then just follow my breathing. I never looked at the watch to check the HR, but I had it exactly where I would've wanted it... What it means that now I can definitely run by feel without any gadget... My PR was a 16-minute PR (not a common distance so is not run very often...)

Splits - HR%
1- 8:10 - 87%
2- 8:25 - 87%
3- 7:47 - 90%
4- 8:07 - 91%
5- 8:04 - 91%
6- 7:43 - 95%
7- 8:08 - 95%
8- 8:05 - 93%
9- 8:00 - 97%
9.375 - 2:56 (7:48 min/mile) - 97%

And a day after the 15K I had another Half Marathon: Skagit Flats. I wasn't tired or sore but I didn't know how I would perform. I had no goals whatsoever, but just to run as strong as I could. I was very pleased to keep up with the 3:30 marathon group, which was a 1:45 HM pace up to the turn around. They continued we returned. My HR was reading lower than expected, it was difficult to put it in 90%. This occurs when my legs can't get there. I didn't feel them tired but they were no fresh either. As soon as we hit the turn-around I had the déjà vu of Skagit Flats 2010. Where in the hell this headwind comes from? I didn't feel it on my tail. Well it was there and deflate me somehow slowing my mile 8 considerably. I pressed the next mile and recovered. At mile 9, The Prez (Marathon Maniac founder Steven Yee) and a friend of his, to whom he was pacing, passed me. I though this was great because they looked strong and I could hang on with them. I ran with them for a whole mile at an easy 86%, but I felt way more effort than this HR. It was the headwind, not a terrible wind (~15mph) but it felt pretty heavy. So at mile 10 while they flew away, I faded. I pushed as much as I could but lost considerable ground until mile 12 when the wind died down. Then I pushed for a miraculous mile. I finished in 1:48:10, 26 seconds shy of my PR. I got a bobble-head trophy for 3rd place division 50-59.

A great week with almost 70 miles and 3 fantastic races. My blog and question last week was Am I Holding Myself? The answer is: Yes, I Was.
Splits- HR%
1- 8:19 - 81%
2- 8:09 - 82%
3- 8:08 - 84%
4- 8:20 - 86%
5- 8:09 - 86%
6- 8:00 - 90%
7- 7:53 - 87%
8- 8:31 - 86%
9- 8:11 - 89%
10- 8:20 - 86%
11- 8:45 - 84%
12- 8:42 - 87%
13- 7:44 - 93%
13.1- 0:44 (7:50) - 92%

Lizzie Lee and The Prez, Steven Yee, Marathon Maniac founder @ Skagit Flats

Shannon Perry, The Butlers, and Michael Hsu @ Skagit Flats

With Michael Hsu and Sharon Butler @ Skagit Flats

With Sharon who broke 2 hours! @ Skagit Flats

With my niece Angie @ Skagit Flats
Fairhaven 15K - 55-59 division winners
With Marie @ Labor Day Half Marathon
Labor Day Half Marathon 55-59 division winners

Happy. I got me a nice 4-minute PR @ Labor Day Half Marathon


Michael Hsu said...

You are a wonderful inspiration. It was great to see you today. I love your spirit!!

lizzie lee said...

Ilove you and your food.... Never saw a dish today!

Michael Hsu said...

There was very little celebratory eating today. A lot of snacks after the race, leftovers for lunch, and veggie dog for dinner. Yes, even I have a mundane diet at times. :-) However, I just for you, I will put up my veggie dog photo! :-)

Sharon Sha-Run Butler said...

I ♥ you and your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Lizzie Lee - you're amazing! Pr after PR - and your training is SO inspired. Love reading about this. Am cautiously beginning to think we might both be able to BQ this year and run Boston together in 2014? And the caution is all about me btw - I have NO doubt you will get your goal. XXX

PS - I've moved blogs to Come find me!