Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let's Now Put My Feet Up

Week 4 - Phase III - Core Workout: VO2 Max -
09/10/12 - 09/16/12 -
Week Total:  80.0 -

Training season is over. I closed the week with my highest mileage ever, 80 miles, and my two best Half Marathons of the year. On Saturday 9/15 I ran JBLM Half with a PR of 1:45:22 for an 8:03 min/mile, and following day, on Sunday 9/16, I ran my second best in the hilliest course I’ve run in Washington State: Edmonds Half finishing with a strong 1:47:36 for an 8:12 min/mile. We climbed 980 ft, and although we ran a loop, everybody wondered how it seemed we climbed all the way. Frank Yamamoto, the soul of Edmonds’ running, designed the course. We could’ve cursed Frank’s name, but we didn’t. There is no escape in Edmonds. It’s a brutally hilly town. To the contrary, we praised Frank. He had a heart attack this week, and just went through open heart surgery. He’s recovering well, and we wait to see him back to take control of the sports in the area… We may tell him to flatten the course a little for next year, though!!! :) Get well, Frank.

I am starting my tapering as we speak, and plan on a good and well deserve resting for the following 3 weeks. I am very impressed that I had been able to put all these miles, run these races at a fast pace, and haven’t felt fatigued or sore any given week. I cannot be happier with the results.

I am skipping Race For A Soldier this coming Sunday. It’ll be hard to miss that fantastic race, honoring our military personnel and helping those with PTSD, but Gig Harbor is also a hilly course, and I know I will be tempted to race it. I want fresh legs for my Utah marathon. Let's now put my feet up. 

JBLM Half Marathon
I was down and blue on race day due to recent events, but ran my race like if there was no tomorrow. I was very surprised of the PR - 1:45:22, considering my legs had already run 50 miles during the week, including a 20-miler on Wed. Last 5K of the race were run in 23:17 min which is almost my 5K pace. Got 2nd place in the division.

1- 8:24
2- 8:34

3- 8:19
4- 8:09
5- 8:03
6- 8:09
7- 8:09
8- 8:08
9- 8:07
10- 8:04
11- 7:35
12- 7:41
13- 7:18
13.1 - 0:43 (7:18)

With Nancy Szoke, a super Ultra girl
With Pelicano!

Edmonds Half Marathon - My second best Half. A day after my best on an 80-mile week??? Phenomenal. Got 1st place in the division.

1- 9:02
2- 8:37
3-4-5- 24:11 (missed the splits)
6- 7:55
7- 8:41
8- 10:03
9- 6:23
10- 8:27
11- 8:36
12- 8:37
13- 6:26
13.1- 0:30 - (6:26)
With Debora Kerns
With Debora Kerns and Monica Callen


Nikki Laflamme-Hein said...

A 6:23 and 6:26 in your half marathon?!? That is phenomenal!! I think you need to come back to the track for a time trial. Just because it will be a massive pr. Enjoy the taper!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! Your progress in this cycle has been nothing short of incredible. I cannot wait to see what some well-deserved rest has in store for you! Love you LL!

Amanda Hoskins said...

Your absolutely Amazing lady!

Amanda Hoskins said...

Love reading your blog:-)